Perfect for young children, an opportunity to meet the ponies and get a little ride, we have tiny hats and saddles available, the shetlands are suitable for children from age 2 to around 8 years old. Come along and give the ponies a brush and have a ride around the field. Lasts approximately 20 minutes - half an hour.



£25 adults / £15 under 18s either beach or hill.

Ideal for young children or families or for a taster ride for those who are a bit unsure. 

The half hour trek is the ideal way experience a ride up the hill or along the beach on our ponies.

All ponies can be led if needed and parents are welcome to walk alongside. We can also do half hour experienced treks or mixed ability treks. The beach is only accessible at low tide.

If walking it is recommended to have a good pair of wellies.



£45 adults/ £30 children 1 hour 

Suitable for families and mixed ability groups.

The hill trek takes you up to a magnificent view point where a monument stands to remember a past owner of the Killiechronan estate. With amazing scenery throughout the ride and plenty of opportunity to spot deer and lots of bird life including golden and sea eagles. The sea eagles nest high on the hill above Killiechronan and can be spotted almost daily passing overhead to catch fish in the loch. This ride cuts up the hill over rough terrain to allow the surefooted ponies to pick their way and negotiate tricky bogs and rocky outcrops it has to be ridden at a steady pace, though there is an opportunity for a few bursts of trot and a canter in the woods at the top for those who wish. It is an ideal way to let the horses do the work and take you to the top of the hill for amazing views of Ben more, Loch na Keal, the Gribun rocks and the islands of Eorsa, Inch Kenneth and Iona, and on the way back down are views across to Morven and the hills beyond.



£45 adults / £30 children

Approximately 1 Hour

Suitable for families and mixed ability groups.

Cross the river Ba to reach the sandy stretch of beach where you can paddle in the sea and trot through the waves. This ride is another great opportunity to spot the white tailed sea eagles which like to sit at the waters edge and just watch us go by, otters are sometimes seen on the shore and salmon can be seen jumping in the river Ba, one of the best Salmon rivers on Mull permits are available from the estate. Both Fallow and Red deer are often seen grazing the fields which reach the shore line, the horses do not frighten other animals like we do so the best way to see wildlife is on horseback.

The beach is very tide and weather dependant, sometimes even at low tide there can not be as much sand as othertimes. If this is the case we will combine the beach ride with a ride up into the oakwood or a combined beach and hill ride depending on the experience and ability of riders.

We are happy to take mixed ability groups, there is usually a chance to split the trek at certain points as there will be 2 trek leaders so allowing some to have a canter and others to go steadier. This usually works well as we have certain ponies who love to canter and certain ones who'd rather not unless asked to. 


Approximately 1 1/2 hours
Riders must be able to have good control of pony and be well balanced in trot and canter.
Cross the river to enjoy a good canter along the sand with chance for an exhilarating canter through the surf which is guaranteed to get you soaked but also put a big smile on your face. Then cut up the hill where the ponies come into their own by negotiating the rough terrain taking you where no 4x4 could ever go, all the time allowing you to gaze at the amazing views.
(It is not always necessary to canter, our highland ponies are happier to take things slowly but do enjoy a good canter when asked).

We tend to limit our treks to around 6 people to give everyone the attention needed, although can take groups of up to 8. We will take people of all ages and abilities, riders must do a short assessment ride in the field to ensure they are happy with their ponies and can understand and demonstrate the basic commands needed to participate in a trek. Anyone wishing to be led on the pony can be and all children under 12 will be led unless they are able to demonstrate their ability not to.

All our ponies are chosen for their calm temperaments and are suitable for riders of all levels. You will be matched to a pony after filling in a registration form in which will state your abilities and capabilities. For safety reasons the trek must be kept at a level to suit the least capable rider, however we do usually have two trek leaders to allow the treks to split at certain points so are usually able to cater for everyone.

Liz is a TRSS qualified senior trek leader and Frankie a TRSS qualified trek leader, all staff are experienced, well trained and hold current first aid qualifications and have been PVG checked.

Our ponies are also all well trained and experienced and know their jobs very well.