Becky is a 14hh dark bay Irish Cob, she has been at Killiechronan for 20 years and has taught generations to ride. She is a lovely, safe but forward going ride, and even at nearly 30 years old still loves a good gallop along the beach.

Becky is now semi retired and is taking things a bit easier this year, she still enjoys the odd easy trek though to keep her fit.


Sid is a 14hh 19 year old highland pony. He was born and bred at Knock farm just across the loch from Killiechronan along with his sisters Iona and Eorsa, and so is a true Mulieach. He is forward going but very sensible and great for adults and children. He has been a trekking pony at Killiechronan for 12 years so knows his job well.

Sid loves to jump and swim in the sea and is a real softie.


Eorsa is a 18 year old Highland pony. She is about 13.2hh and is a great kids or smaller adults pony. She is nice and steady with novices but with experienced riders on she loves a good gallop on the beach and is very fast with a confident rider on.
Eorsa has been with us for 12 years now and is a favourite of many.


Iona has very sadly for us left Mull and gone to her retirement home on Lewis. Very luckily for her she has gone to a family originally from Mull who know her well. She will get lots of love and attention and a quieter life pottering around the croft and along the gorgeous beaches there with her new pony friend Gracie. She will be very much missed here but had come to hate trekking and was becoming quite bad tempered which certainly isn't like her.


Rosie is a 13.2hh 30 year old cross Fell pony. 

Rosie is now fully retired and living on the hill in Tobermory where she keeps the youngsters company and is occasionally ridden by my son James.


Smokey is a 14.1hh 15 year old highland gelding. His registered name is Erray Larkspur.

He is very safe and sensible and looks after anyone who rides him. He is very slow and steady with novices but with an experienced person on is quite capable of keeping up with the rest.


Glenbruar Fern

Fern is a 14.2hh 23 year old highland pony mare.

She is a lovely quiet ride, nice and steady and ideal for novices or anyone not wanting to go too fast, though with some encouragement will do a lovely canter along the beach. Suitable for nervous riders as she is very kind.

Fern is also the star of our riding for disabled group.


Lowenthwaite Leonardo
Leon is a 14hh Fell pony, and is 13 years old. He is a more forward going ride than the highlands and loves going through the sea on the beach. Suitable for experienced riders.


Erray Muscari

Muscari is an 8 year old highland gelding, he was bred at Erray farm on Mull and we have had him since he was a yearling. 

He is a lovely ride and ideal for novices or experienced riders. 


Jack is Clansmans little brother. Full name Jacobite of Tobermory.

He is 6 years old and just starting out his trekking career. He has been brought on slowly and did a few treks last year with experienced riders. This year we are hoping he'll work full time.

He especially loves a canter on the beach and everyone who rides him loves him. Being only 13.2hh he is great for kids or small adults.


Tobermory Clansman is a 8 year old 14.2hh highland gelding. He was bred by me as I own his mother Erray Damson who is also Smokeys sister. He is very special to us as he almost died as a foal of tetanus but against the odds he pulled through.

He is a lovely forward going ride but also happy to go steady with novices.








Storm is a 20 year old shetland pony, he is very sweet natured and great with little kids. He is quite speedy though and keeps up with the bigger ponies, no problem!


Barty was born at Killiechronan and was a bit of a surprise as we didn't know his mum Viola was in foal. He is now 4 years old and we will hopefully start his ridden career slowly this year. He is however very cheeky so it might be a while before we can use him on treks!