Sid is a 14hh 22 year old highland pony. He was born and bred at Knock farm just across the loch from Killiechronan along with his sisters Iona and Eorsa, and so is a true Mulieach. He is forward going but very sensible and great for adults and children. He has been a trekking pony at Killiechronan for 17 years so knows his job well.

Sid loves to jump and swim in the sea and is a real softie.


Eorsa is a 21 year old Highland pony. She is about 13.2hh and is a great kids or smaller adults pony. She is nice and steady with novices but with experienced riders on she loves a good gallop on the beach and is very fast with a confident rider on.
Eorsa has been with us for 17 years now and is a favourite of many.


Smokey is a 14.1hh 19 year old highland gelding. His registered name is Erray Larkspur.

He is very safe and sensible and looks after anyone who rides him. He is very slow and steady with novices but with an experienced person on is quite capable of keeping up with the rest.


Lowenthwaite Leonardo
Leon is a 14hh Fell pony, and is 16 years old. He is a more forward going ride than the highlands and loves going through the sea on the beach. Suitable for experienced riders.


Erray Muscari

Muscari is an 11 year old highland gelding, he was bred at Erray farm on Mull and we have had him since he was a yearling. 

He is a lovely ride and ideal for novices or experienced riders. 


Jacobite of Tobermory.

Jack is 9 years old and Clansmans little brother. He is a willing but safe pony to ride and especially loves a canter on the beach, everyone who rides him loves him and wants to take him home. Being only 13.2hh he is great for kids or small adults.


Clansman of Tobermory is a 11 year old 14.2hh highland gelding. He was bred by me as I own his mother Erray Damson who is also Smokeys sister, his sire is Moss side Dorlach so he is also half brother to Muscari and full brother to Jack.He is very special to us as he was very ill as a foal with tetanus but with a lot of nursing he pulled through.

He is a lovely forward going ride but also happy to go steady with novices.


Murphy is a 15 year old 15.2hh heavyweight cob.

He is the biggest, softest, kindest horse and is suitable for all ages especially novices or those who just want to take it slowly as he prefers life at a steady pace.



Bobby is quite a character, he was born and Mull and is well know along with his mum Bramble (who was one of the gometra ponies) for teaching lots of keen island children to ride.

He is very much the boss and makes it known but is a very safe and dependable pony to ride and is perfect for the tiniest riders.


Hornbeam was also born at Erray farm on Mull. He's a slightly bigger shetland and suitable for children up to around 8 to ride. He has a lovely kind temperament and will happily be groomed and pampered by children of all ages.


Viola is another Erray pony and has the kindest, sweetest temperament. She is perfect for pony rides and grooming sessions with the little ones.


Storm is a 20+ year old shetland pony, he is very sweet natured and great with little kids. He is quite speedy though and keeps up with the bigger ponies, no problem!


Barty was born at Killiechronan and was a bit of a surprise as we didn't know his mum Viola was in foal. He is now 7 years old and has just started his ridden career this year. He is doing very well and it won't be long until we are using him on treks.