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Hi there, 

Want to send out a huge thank you. My first experience riding a highland and thouroughly enjoyed it. Smokey is such a character! My nephew absolutely loved his trek on wee Bobby, so now his parents are looking into lessons for him. 

Jean and Liz were absolutely lovely. Enjoyed our blether as we went along the beautiful beach (thank you, Jean) and thank you so much for the lift back to Tobermory, Liz. 

Planning to return next year, and have recommended you to everyone I know. 

Thank you so much. 

Lesley, Jay and Leon


Hi there, 
just wanted to thank you for our ride on Tuesday morning. Have been trekking all over Scotland but can honestly say I have never enjoyed myself so much. You just can't beat a Highland to ride (not that I'm biased lol!) and to ride along the beach was brilliant - seeing the otter was just the icing on the cake. 
Back home in very wet Ayrshire tonight and I've brought my four in tonight - winter mucking out has started :( 
Hope to come back again next year for another ride on your beach! 
Wilma x


Just wanted to say a big thank you for a fabulous beach and hill trek. Even enjoyed being dunked in the sea by cheeky Sid! 

We had a brilliant time and can't wait to come back. Jean and Laurel were so welcoming and great company. 

Great trecking centre and wonderful staff and ponies. 

Gillian & Kristen


Thanks for the other day. Me and soph really enjoyed the ride and having a chin wag with you. Soph especially liked Sid! ;) We'll deffo be back for a ride and maybe sort some of those rabbits out for you with your son ;)Thanks again. Mike


always have an amazing time when i come and ride there!! you always make me feel so welcome!! love eorsa and think she is amazing and will not ride any other pony!! love to see you soon!!


We had such a great time on Monday! 
Thanks for a lovely trek, Katharina and Miri


Angela, Lovely time, beautiful scenery, please tell Sid my boots will soon be dry.


Grace higham
I went along the beach.rode Eorsa had a great time. Going to do it again soon!


Hi Liz and Jean - We are back home on Arran now thank you ever so much for letting Heather help you out, it certainly gave her some more confidence and experience just wish I had taken more photos. We all enjoyed our pony trek on the beach, and both myself and Gary had the experience of a trot too!!!. Thank you again may see you next year, all the best for the rest of the summer.


Our children rode for the first time with you on our family holiday last May. We're coming back to Mull again this year and the children are so excited about going pony-trekking again. They have remembered from last year and are keen to repeat the fun. I just hope that our 4-year-old daughter Rosie (who was ill and missed out) gets to ride Rosie the pony this time!


Chris and Holly, The stars are the ponies, hats off to Highlands what a great breed! Fantastic place to ride whether it's the hill trek - incredible views - or the beach ride - amazing, I haven't had such a fun ride in years! If you don't get wet you've not done it right! I've ridden in some lovely places on the beach such as Mauritius and the Dominican Republic but nothing compares to being astride a sturdy surefooted Highland pony ploughing through the loch kicking up the spray! Great Fun! Thank you Syd, Rosie and Caspian and many thanks to you Jean and Olivia hopefully see you next year!


Kirstie and Felix
Hi there 

Just to say a huge thank you to Jean and Olivia (and other helpers) for a fantastic ride on Oak and Iona (with sister on Sid and friend on Forest) - Iona in particular looked after 7 year old Felix like a true lady. 

Beautiful area to ride in and very friendly staff indeed - Felix is telling everyone about the brilliant time he had. 

I will be recommending your centre to anyone who goes to Mull.


Elizabeth, Larissa and Nathan
Just back from Mull and the highlight of the trip was the trekking with gorgeous scenery....well it was a little driech on the hill trek but nevertheless really enjoyable. 
A couple of days later with the sun on our backs we rode on the beach and through the wood in Loch Ba, it was a really great trek and the ponies were brilliant, Eorsa, Sid and Forest....thank you! 
Many thanks to Jean and Olivia....hope you dont get too wet! Enjoy the rest of the season and I hope to return next year!


julia mcgill
i rode iona on the beach and she was an amazing trot. 
i love her and the mull ponies. 
coming back soon. 
thanks again xxx


Had a fantastic ride was everthing I had hoped for. Experienced rider but a little rusty !. Went on the beach ride which also took us up onto the hill through the woods. Plenty of long canters to keep the flies and midges at bay. I was riding Sid a little different from what I'm used to as the horse I used to have was a 16.2 thoroughbred but he did himself proud for a little chap, great temprement. Tip when cantering along beach try to steer clear of the horse in front or you will get a little muddy/wet ! great fun though. When I was there Liz was due to have her baby next day so all the best with that. Olivia the instructress had just started working there for the summer and was planning to ship her 16.2 horse to the Isle. Hope all is going well bit of a culture shock but I'm sure he is loving the sand under his hoofs and the wonderful scenery !. Would love to know how things are going. will definately be back to Mull and look forward to riding there again. 

Visited June 2010


Reallt enjoyed my 2 rides last week up the hill with Olivia. 

We will be thinking of you this week.


amelia higham
it was great! I went for a tester and then a full ride i wish i could do it again!


Heather Snowdon
hi liz 
Thanks for 2 great pony treks. My mum, dad and I all had a great time. Forest, Becky, Smokey and Sid were all great. But my favourite time i spent at the stables was the saturday club. I loved riding Rosie she was great. Hope everything went well at the show. How did you get on??? I wish i could have gone to the show with you but I had to go home. Maybe hope to see you next year. Thanks Heather


Just browsing and reminding myself why I should be there and not here. 
Its great that you have lots of lucky people coming to ride this summer. 
Give Forest a big big hug from me and say sorry but its Iona from now on - have our pic from last year pinned to my board by my desk (the one Jackie took through Caspian's ears)


Hi Liz 
Thanks for a fab ride on 20th May - Beckie was superb and so were the views. Hoep things are going well for you - I hope to be back in September - fingers crossed, otherwise see you in May 2010 ! Many thanks once again for a great ride. 
Best regards 
Sharon Tomkinson


Hi Liz, 
We did the Monument ride with you on Weds 20th May and had such a great time. Would recommend you to anyone, however experienced/inexperienced. It was my first ever ride and I loved it! Will book with you again when we return to Mull - and that can't come soon enough!! 
Kind regards, Rick.


We had a lovely time riding here and look forward 
to seeing you next year!THANKYOU!


I spent all my childhood at Killiechronan and learned to ride there with Jessie. Thanks for this nice site it brings back lots of memories.


Sheryl Pochin and Cameron Elliott ( 4yrs…
Hi everyone. I wanted to write to say a big THANK- YOU! to you all from myself and my son. I loved riding Oak and my son loves Daisy, even though he spent the majority of the ride saying he liked his pony best! Hopefully the next time we are on the Island I will get to ride on the beach. All our love to the ponies! xx


Love the website, was great to see pics reminding us of the wonderful ride we enjoyed with you. Hope you have got that Quad sorted now! 

LJ (rode forrest) & Graham (The Hairy bloke on the Hairy Oak!)


Hi Liz 
Just wanted to say thanks again for a GREAT time. 
We've both taken up riding again with a mission, and will be back soon hopefully!!!! 
Hope you're all well up there! 
Bea & Hollz xXx


hi just to say thanks for the hack on wednesday - great weather and lovely horse!!
went up ben more - not right to the top though!!
thanks again


Clare Rosie n Kt
HI. When we were on holiday we did a two hour beach ride. I (Rosie) had Eorsa, Clare had Oak n Kt had Iona. They were fab. Also Sid, Forest, Rosie n Islay were on our ride!! It was amazing! We'll be back!!:D:D


Just returned from 7 day trip to Mull, highlight was the pony ride for my 3 year old son Harry.

He spent 20 minutes on a pony called Daisey and loved every minute.

The staff were friendly and very good with young children, would highly recommend!